Audio productions


In this rayon, we go one step further than mere voice recording. Did you know that we take care of the complete sound finishing for your animation, radio or TV commercial? Watch and listen what we come up with here.

I collaborated on the audio for the augmented reality glasses you can put on when visiting the Mystic Lamb in Ghent. The pivotal figures in the history of this world-famous polyptych come fully to life. Including the voices of Michel Kempeners as Bishop Triest guiding you through the crypt and Frank Bervoets bringing Jan Van Eyck to life. So Limburg crew, the Van Eyck brothers from Maaseik would have wanted it that way.


With pop-up studio and hood I went to the Engels Klooster in Bruges, where Guido Gezelle, among others, lived his last years. Recorded sound and voices there for a contemporary tour, an augmented reality tour. In addition to Ann Ceurvels' voice guiding you through this historic building, the nuns themselves talk about their life and work in seclusion. Totally zen after a day at the convent.


On behalf of toothpaste brand Signal, we created a Flemish version for their new online campaign. And we got to add some serious teeth. No fewer than 21 animated videos to motivate children to brush their teeth. We did all voice recording, editing and final mixing for this.

Creating a Flemish version for foreign TV commercials is child's play for us. We did the casting, directing and recording for many spots, including this Disney spot.

You can also virtually visit the Ten Duinen Abbey Museum in Koksijde. With the abbot's blessing, we made the sound recordings for this.


On the radio, you can hear our productions in the commercial breaks. A selection of the many commercials we recorded.

ARCHEOLOGY DAYS | Flemish Provinces | full production - concept/copy/recording/mixing






Director/author Alexander Wolfram went to Virton in 1999 where a solar eclipse took place and shot atmospheric images. 10 years later, he edited the footage into a breathtakingly beautiful short film. Jo Jacobs (De Held) wrote and played the music for it. We did the audio editing.